RIM Foundation

Our goal is to make a significant and lasting, positive effect on people who have had life altering disabilities.  We do this by working with experts at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Hospital to identify healthcare programs, research and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on improving the health of those living with disabilities and their families.


A world in which every person with physical and cognitive disabilities is empowered and inspired to reach his or her highest quality of life.


Elevate the mind, body, and spirit of those with physical and cognitive disabilities by uniting them with world-class people, resources and solutions.


Propel those with physical and cognitive disabilities through recovery and beyond.
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The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Foundation (the RIM Foundation) was established on December 19, 2013 in a reorganization of the former Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Inc. The reorganization became necessary after the December 31, 2010 sale of substantially all operating assets and related liabilities Including the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Inc. (a hospital)) of the Detroit Medical Center to Vanguard Health Systems, Inc. (Vanguard) (a for profit entity). The donor-restricted assets were held separately in the transaction and maintained by the Board of Directors of the former Detroit Medical Center, which amended its articles of incorporation concurrent with the Vanguard transaction to change its name to Legacy DMC. On December 19, 2013, amended articles of incorporation and by laws changed the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Inc. from a not for profit hospital to RIM Foundation, a public charity. Also on December 19, 2013, a Charitable Asset Transfer Agreement was executed to transfer control of the donor-restricted assets from Legacy DMC to RIM Foundation.

After the reorganization, the purpose of the RIM Foundation and Del Harder are to promote rehabilitation of persons with life altering disabilities and injuries through the support of research, education and community benefit activities.The accompanying consolidated financial statements contain the consolidated activity of Del Harder Rehabilitation Fund (Del Harder) for the period December 20, 2013 through December 31, 2013. Del Harder was created in 1974 as a supporting organization to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, which became Legacy RIM on January 1, 2011; In December 2010, a certificate of assumed name was filed to operate as Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Fund (RIM Fund). As noted above, on December19, 2013, Legacy RIM became RIM Foundation. As a result, Del Harder is a supporting organization of RIM Foundation.

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